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The History Of The Jericho Reach

889.M36 – The End: The endless wars and calamities of the Imperium grind on. Still cut off, the Jericho Sector is left to fend for itself, all but entirely bereft from contact from the outside—save from occasional deep range patrols from the Battlefleet Ultima and far-ranging trade and exploration vessels. Cut off and isolated, world after world is subsumed to horror, civil decay, or warfare, until finally in 889.M36, the Imperial authorities declare with the stroke of an auto quill that the Jericho Sector as an entity to be no more. The region of space it once occupied is returned to being designated the Jericho Reach.

249.M40 – The Long Night of Verronus: The hive world of Verronus, once a bright star of Imperial majesty and the seat of the Jericho Sector’s power, finally succumbs to centuries of slow collapse, its last threads of civilisation collapsing as the ill-tended powerstems that maintain its spires flicker and finally die. Foul cults, witches and abominations that have thus far been kept in check only by the direst sacrifices of Verronus’s last defenders rise up, their hour come around at last. With the failing of the light, all that remains is a final long night of anarchy, famine, and living nightmare. Roving bands of marauders and warlords from Khazant ravage and plunder the worlds of the Reach, and swiftly become the dominant force in the region.

325.M40 – The Hereteks of Samech: A Mechanicus Explorator Fleet battles its way through the Warp Storms shrouding the Jericho Reach to re-contact the Forge World of Samech. The ships are
lured into close orbit and fired on by the defence systems that ring the world. The Cult Mechanicus declare the Forge World Apostate under a penalty of death, an order that has yet to be carried out.

656.M40 – The Fury of Hell: The Hadex Anomaly comes into being, swallowing the hive world of Verronus. It is believed that the Anomaly emerged due to the bloody rites performed by those dark souls that abided there. Across the Jericho Reach, nascent pyskers burn and daemons stalk the land as a sudden wave of unholy power ripples through the localised area of Warpspace. Those afflicted psykers are either sent irrevocably mad or transfigured into short-lived and murderous demigods who kill thousands and further push those few worlds that remain under civilised control over the brink.

777.M41 – The Achilus Crusade: With the discovery of the stable Warp Gate, the possibility of using it to launch a crusade into the Jericho Reach and reclaim this formerly great realm for the Imperium quickly finds favour with the High Lords of Terra. A plan hatched under the command of Lord Militant Achilus to undertake this singular military campaign, and under his command were mustered forces ranging from the Imperial Guard, the Adeptus Astartes and Adepta Sororitas, and scores of Imperial Navy warships to enact the Imperium’s will. The High Lords were mindful, however, that the existence of the gate and what it portended offered dire peril as well as possibility, and decreed that the crusade was to be launched from a staging point far from the territory it intended to conquer, and under a shroud of the deepest secrecy, with the complicity of the masters of both the Calixis Sector and the Departmento Munitorium.

786.M41 – Against The Tides of Hell: The Acheros Salient is launched towards the centre of the Jericho Reach, aiming to retake the core worlds of what was once the Jericho Sector after one and a half millenia. The campaign to take Khazant stretched over a bloody year, costing Imperial forces greatly as the warlords fought back with an unexpected fervour. Finally, the Imperial forces triumphed from sheer strength of numbers, and the remaining warlords fled back towards the Charon Stars.

788.M41 – First Intercession: The Imperial way-station on Tabius Rasa is destroyed and the Light Cruiser Archangel captured by parties unknown. The Acheros Salient is cut off from direct reinforcement from the stalemated Tau warzones. Inquisitor Kharak is killed in the attempt to retake the Archangel.

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