The Book Of The Stigmartus

The World Of Dragons

First Intercession: Tabius Rasa

“…On the World of Dragons were the Chosen first blooded in the name of the Stigmartus. By diverse means did they seek to overwhelm the followers of the Corpse-God and rob them of the Bridge Between The Wars.

As the Dragons rose and the fire fell, did the Chosen earn much glory.

And far off, by the light of the Unblinking Eye, a black sword was drawn."

The Book of the Stigmartus

  • On the frontier world of Tabius Rasa, the Imperium has established a staging post, trans-shipping troops from the stalemated conflict with the Tau to the already overwhelming forces fighting in the Celebos stars.
  • Unless this flow of troops can be interrupted, the Stigmartus will not have the time to marshal their forces.
  • The outpost consists of a regimental-scale Imperial Guard garrison around a Downport, whilst a small navy contingent protects the highport.
  • Scarifer has charged you to eliminate the outpost, promising the favour of Cult-General Sarda.



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