The Book Of The Stigmartus

The Rain Of Iron

The Fall of Tabius Rasa

“And the Chosen set foot on the World of Dragons, and discord and war came with them. The sky fell as burning iron and the great warship of the corpse-god taken as a prize. But this was as nothing to the seizure of one who stood at his left hand.”

First Intercession: Tabius Rasa

  • Wiping out an Imperial Patrol and substituting Stigmartus troops, Garrus, Severus and Ephialtes led a brutal assault on the native villagers, starting a major uprising.
  • Using a daemonic ritual whose secrets had been bought at great expense, and sacrificing several hundred slaves to ensure success, Anok Sabe silenced all astropathic and vox transmissions in the system.
  • Following a plan formulated by Alpharius, the Chosen destroyed the cargo station with the Tabius Rasa base’s own surface-to-orbit missiles, before siezing a dropship to escape in.
  • Ephialtes successfully piloted the dropship through the falling hailstorm of metal, including dodging an inert, falling transport ship which had been docked at the station, before the ship carried out a barely controlled crash aboard the carrier controlling the system garrison fleet, which the Chosen siezed.
  • Facing an attempt to recapture the ship, the Chosen faced down an enemy assault force and succeeded in killing the naval armsmen, and succeeded in capturing Inquisitor Kharak, before escaping into the warp.
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