The Book Of The Stigmartus

The Chosen

Of The Champions Who Were Called

“And Elak Sarda cried out into the Warp, and those who remained faithful to the True Gods heard his call. Countless champions answered him, and walked their own Paths to Glory…”

“…And on the Broken World of the Ragged Helix, in the name of Elak Sarda and the True Gods, were summoned forth five who would stand high amongst the Stigmartus.

First was sent forth Him Who Is Called Scarred, one of his servants.
Second was summoned Him Who Is Called Vengeance, who sought those who were his Brethren no longer.
Third was summoned Him Who Is Called Legion, of whose purposes none may speak.
Fourth was summoned Him Who Is Called Wise, who sought the secret ways and places forgotten to Mankind.
Last of the Five to be brought unto the Stigmartus was Him Who Is Called Darkness, who was not summoned but had been bound in their service at the cost of many lives."

The Book of the Stigmartus



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